Monday, January 17, 2011

Nephews Kawasaki Project-update

Nephew called me this last week and he wanted some advice on how he's doin on his Kawasaki so I stopped over on Saturday and took some pics and discussed the direction he wanted to go. He's doin very well on his first chop-what-ya got bike. Some things that I suggested were to modify the rear horseshoe at the rear of the bike cause it sits a little too close to the rear wheel and probably wouldn't allow much adjusted of the rear wheel. I also suggested modifying the rear motor mount so that the bracket could easily be removed in case the engine would ever need removed. As it sits, it would be very difficult to rotate the engine and remove from the frame with the rear mount mount welded in a stationary position.
Overall though I think he's doin a great job and he is definately leatning a lot but he is very very mechanically inclined, probably more so then I am. Anyhow, heres some updated pics.....

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