Monday, February 21, 2011

Swap Meet Sunday

The Allen County Fairgrounds was the location for the winter swap meet. Everything and anything (mostly Harley) that you would want or need was there and it was packed with people. Saw a few bro's there that I have riden with and chatted for a few minutes.

I met a older fella there that had this 70 Triumph TR6 for sale for $2500 bones. He said he had reworked the motor and did a major clean up on the bike. Bad thing was the previous owner cut up the original frame and didn't do a great job in modifying the seat and neck area.

First Ride of 2011

I got all bundled up in my leathers and went for a short ride saturday in the 40 degree face mask.

Nephews Kawasaki Project-update

Stopped over to the kin's crib on Sunday and checked out some small progress he's makin. I really like that he is using what he has on hand to fab parts like the foward controls and brackets ect.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have often sat down and pondered where my inspiration comes from. I search the net and blogs for ideas but sometimes when I get to the shop I have a hard time remembering the look I am after when building a bike. Recently, as most of ya know, I picked up an 80 Kawasaki 750 LTD to cut up. I've been kickin the idea around that I wanted to keep it a soft tail style bike (mainly cause I'm getting older and my back isn't what it use to be) but the more I look at the frame and what I want to achieve, I'm drawn back to the hard tail concept for the visual ascetics.
What am I gonna do? Only the good Lord knows for sure but I'm leaning more and more to a true hard tail with some type of spring or shock mounted seat. The front end is definitely getting goosed necked and raked, There's no doubt bout that. I think I'm gonna stretch the back bone a few inches and the double down tubes are gonna meet in the middle by the lower motor mounts and then will be joined to the neck with a single down tube. The wheels will probably remain stock as well as the frt forks for now. Money dictates what I'll be able to do.For those who have missed what the bike loooked like when I got it here ya go......

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Not much has gotten accomplished in my shop the past week. The damn snow storm, then the cold, and  work and then my kid put his car in the ditch which cost me $115; money which was going to be for a reg/rectifer for the kawasaki 750.
So now I'm probably gonna have to wait till my tax refund before I can do much else on the bike.
I'm really lookin foward to nice weather so I can ride and clear my head!