Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nephews Project

My nephew gave me a call the other day and wanted to know if I wanted to ride with him to pick up an old kawasaki 650 so he could turn it into something rad. I didn't hesitate and said sure. We drove about an hour and half to a little po dunk town called MtGilead Ohio and after checking it out ,he shelled out a couple bills,received the title and homeward bound it was.
The bike has been abused and the wiring needs to be freshened up cause some dumbass didn't know what they were doing and hacked some stuff up. The reg and rectifier is junk and the carbs need completely rebuilt. The tank needs cleaned and maybe lined. The good thing is that the chrome is decent and the tires are like new without any dry rot.
He wants to turn this into a brat style bobber I guess. But like most dudes, he'll change his mind about 30 times before it's finished.
I can't wait to help him get rockin on it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

R4YL 2

Here's some footage from the R4YL2....(not mine)


Well, most of ya know that my dad use to sell, wrench and ride BSA m/c's. I just love the look of their early motors!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Del Cook Cancer Update

Update: If ya'll been following my blog then ya know that my sister Del Cook has been struggling with cancer. Well, on Setember 2nd 2010 around 7:00am, the cancer won. She now is in the presence of All Mighty God and is reunited with my father,my oldest brother, grandparents,family members and friends.
I'll truely miss Del but I know that someday we will be reunited.

Take a few minutes today and tell your family and friends that you love them!
R.I.P. Del!

Escort of the Vietnam Wall

On September 1st 2010 approx 2500-3000 bikers met at the Wapakoneta VFW to support the escorting of the Vietnam Traveling Wall. The turn out for this event was spectacular. Bikes of every make ,model and year. From the hardcore Harley enthusiast to the young dudes on crotch rockets I was taken back the entire time.
To say that I was just a little chocked up would be a fallacy. At one point I stood in awe as the bikes proceeded past Liza and I, as we awaited our turn to join in the procession. I can only imagine what some of the Vietnam Veteran Riders were thinking.
What was more impressive than the bikers who turned out for this event was the people who lined the roadways and streets from Wapakoneta to Sidney. They stood in masses, waving their American flags,giving us the peace sign and giving us riders the "thumbs up"!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Never Gonna Stand For This by Teachenor Clark

Ok...I'm a pretty out spoken person. I tell it like it is and if people don't like it then they can stick it in their ass.
Our gov't is sticking it to us people! When the hell ya'll gonna wake up and say it's wayyyyy past time to make things right. It's just not the President, cause he's only doin what the assholes in congress and his advisors are telling him. It's freekin time to oust all the incumbants and start over. What's the worst that can happen.
I guess that if ya want to sit back and do nothin then ya'll got nothin to bitch about. I for one will not allow these dumb asses with no common sense to "dictate" (cause thats what America is comming to)what the hell my rights are and what the hell I'm allowed to do.
Stand up and fight people. It's your children and mine that's gonna pay the price!!!