Thursday, August 19, 2010

Builders Across the Pond

I was surfing one day for examples of custom bikes when I ran across this dude in Ireland. His name is "Ger" and he builds bikes in his garage with some help from some buddies. Ger is a fantasic painter. His work is outstanding and he has an eye for the details in a bike build.
I've chatted with him via emails. He's hopin to win a bike build off in Ireland so he can win a trip to Sturgis next year!
Take a few minutes and check out his site. Shoot him an email letting him know you found a link to his site from my blog and if ya like his work, tell him. Builders need to hear that once in a while. Especially if they want to try and make a living at it. I've added pics from his site so ya can get an idea of his work!
Here's the link......

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winter Project

Well, the economy has been tough for all of us. I haven't found a suitable bike project for this winter so I have decided to take the tins off my 1500 Vulcan and do a repaint and maybe add some graphics. I've been playin with some color combos in the shop but still haven't locked onto the ones that I really like. I will also be polishing the frt fork lower, the rear differental and maybe even polish the master cylinders and handles for the clutch and brake perches.
So, stay tuned this winter. Here's what she looks like now....

Monday, August 9, 2010


Met up with a bunch of bikers for the 2nd annual R4YL (run 4 your life)which started friday night in ADA oh. Party on Friday, loaded up and headed to Hillsborrow Oh for campin and partyin Saturday night. Got up early sun morning and started home when the bike broke down near Hillsborrow. Messed with the bike for about an hour but couldn't get any spark from the coils. A fellow biker was ridin by and stopped and offered to load my scoot on a trailer and took it to his house. Had to call my wife to bring my truck 150 miles to pick me up. It was a long day.