Thursday, December 13, 2012

F&*kin Carbs

I haven't gotten much accomplished out in the shop lately. A lack of funds and cold weather has dampened my artistic spirit. Add to that, I dislike the holiday seasons.
I have been trying to get the leaking carb issue fixed on the KZ 650. I re-cleaned the carbs again (bout the 5th time) and installed new float needles and checked the float height several times. I'm still getting a leak in the #4 carb at the overflow. I've polished the float seat several times and just can not get it to stop leaking. Since the float seat is pressed in there nothing I can do about changing out the seat even if I could buy a replacement, which I can't cause they are not available. So for now, I guess I'm just gonna drink and stay in the house. If anyone has a #4 carb for a cv34 Keihn that they wanta sell hit me up.