Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Hunnert Car Pile Up

Last weekend I travelled to Illinois to meet up with some of my flatlander biker friends as well as friends from Michigan,Oklahoma,Arkansas,Missouri, Indiana ect ect..We camped at Friends Creek Camp ground for the weekend. On friday we all jumped on our bikes and headed into the town of Cisco for  the preparty to the car show. Friday night we partied at the campground till weee hours in the morning. Saturday we went to the car show and partied again at night. We also celebrated our fallen friend, Justin McMullen's life  on saturday night with all of us saying goodbye to him as the balloon candle was lit and floated away into the dark evening sky...Sunday we all got up, ate and headed home.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Iron Steed Build

I guess that's what I'm going to call my 77 Kawasaki kz650 build. I cut the back half off and she's gonna have about a 4" stretched hardtail. I wanta take the down tubes up about 2" and out about 2 " and raked. Then, I want to try my hand at building a springer front end. I could buy one but where would the fun be in that? Here's how she sits right now.....