Monday, March 26, 2012


I spent some time in the shop this weekend and was able to figure out the exhaust on the Iron Steed. I had to have (9) 90degree bends made in the 1 1/2" exhaust tube I bought from the Wapak Muffler Shop.

Also gonna try my hand at fabricating a tank. I took the tank from the 750 kawasaki and cut the bottom out. Then I found the center and cut the tank top in half. I then measured out the amount I wanted to narrow the tank by and cut it out then tack welded it back to gether. Now I'm in the process of figuring out how to close up the front.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Home Made Handle Bars

I took the original handle bars from the 80 Kawasaki 750cc, heated them up, re-bent them and then cut off the upper section. Then I took a some 1" straight bars I bought from my ol buddy Scrap from TCU and welded them on at the angle I wanted. I then took the grip portions of the 7/8" bars from the 750cc and welded them onto the 1" bars so I could use the controls from the orig bike. I'm really happy how the bars turned out. They will eventually end up getting sand blasted and painted.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Forward Controls

Money and time constraints have limited my progress on the Iron Steed build. I did finally get the forward controls made ( each and every part was handmade except for the adjustable ends which are tie rod ends for a riding mower that I bought at Lowes) and tacked welded and put on the bike to see how they look. For the most part I am satisfied. Just some minor tweaking to do. I've been messing with the handle bars lately. Originally I wanted to go with straight bars but when I sit on the bike I have difficulty reaching the bars from the seat, comfortably. Being the cheap ass that I am, I took a set of orig bars, heated them up, bent them, and then cut off the handle sections. I'm gonna use the lower section as risers (instead of buying them) and weld on the straight bars. My arms will be completely straight while riding but that"s what I wanted.
I really need to get more done on this build. I was hoping to take it to the BBB in Michigan come summer but I'm not sure that I'll be able to get-r-done. I need a gas tank that is bout 23" long. I've never made a tank (although I may try at some point) but probably for now I'll just buy one when I can get my hands on some extra coinage! So, If anyone wants to donate bout $300 bones, I'd be glad to take it off ur hands and buy my tank. I won't hold my breath tho.