Friday, April 22, 2011

Sportster Tank-update

I finally got some time to put some color on this ol tank....started by sealing the tank white, then applied the PPG silver basecoat. After it tacked up, I shot 4 coats of the silver metal flake. Then I used a PPG tinting base of green and put two coats of color on top. This was followed by 4 coats of DC4000 clear. I think it looks pretty good but I know it's nothing compared to what Blue Moon Customs puts out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey You!!!!!

Is there any freekin body out there that reads my freekin blog????

If so,leave a note about what ya like, dislike or want to see! Without input, all ya get is what is in my crazed mind!

Nephews Kawasaki Project-update

My nephew Don has been hard at work gettin his build close to the point of tear down so all the finish welding and grinding can be done. After he's done with that, he's putting the frame and tank in my hands for a little color. Here's some updated pics! If ya like what he has done, leave a message. He'd like to hear what ya think! Remember, this is his very first bike build....I think he's done a rad job so far!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kawasaki update 2

Saturday I grabbed some Miller Highlife and went out to the shop to fiddle with the 650. I recieved the roller bearings (All Balls Racing) for the neck from crc2 and they fit perfect. I then installed the forks and triple trees from the 81 onto the 77, installed the wiring harness and carbs and then began removing some unwanted factory chit. I robbed the battery out of the Vulcan and got the 650 to start, although it was kinda some tuning to do fer sure!
After getting her running, I grabbed some cigars, a few more beers and a comfy old computer chair and began dreaming of the look I wanted for the bike. As a sat and stared, the bike said it wanted to be raked and hardtailed. My ass and back said it needed stretched and monoshocked. I bet the bike will win even though my body will suffer but it's about the bike,not me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hooter Run

On Sunday the weather was beautiful and we were all itchin to get some seat time so 9 of us met up in Wapakoneta at the truck stop and headed towards Dayton Ohio via the long country way. We arrived at Hooters in Dayton and after ordering a few beers and wings, we got to chattin bout bikes, women and all the stupid shit we had done in our lives. We had a great time, the food was good, the "eye candy" was awesome and the camaraderie was fantastic.

Dayton Ohio Hooters!

Larry's Harley-Gorgous Bike!

Big Al's 2000cc Kawasaki

left to right
Big Al, Tom, Big Al's uncle, John, John's bro, Bro's woman, Larry and his wife

Awesome hot wings!

The Gang!

77 Kawasaki update

Spent a little time in the garage last week. Removed the forks off the 77 and the 81.Gonna use the forks from the 81 cause they are a lot nicer and don't leak. I changed over the electrical from the 81 to the 77 so I can run a single rec/reg so I'll get better juice. Still waiting on my neck bearings from crc2. Hopefully get them this week.



Monday, April 4, 2011

Need Jap Parts?

I was searching the web for roller bearings to replace the ball bearings in the neck of the kz650 and ran upon this site They have replacement roller bearings for the necks of jap bikes that came from the factory with the old ball bearings that fall out when ya remove the triple tree from the neck.
Any how, I ordered the replacement roller bearing set and I'll let ya'll know how it works out. They also have some hard to find parts so check them out!