Monday, August 13, 2012

Iron Pony-Columbus Ohio

On Sunday, Big Al rounded up some of us up for a ride to the Iron Pony in Columbus Ohio. So I asked my daughter Kat if she wanted to go and with a resounding yes  we donned our gear and met up with the crew in New Hampshire, Ohio. Along the way we stopped in Marysville, Ohio at Boston Bar and Grille for lunch. Then we proceeded to the Iron Pony . While I don't like promoting "big business" the Iron Pony does carry quality merchandise and it shows in their prices but ya get what ya pay for.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I haven't had much time to fiddle with the Iron Steed bike lately. Family responsibilities along with a lack of motivation has side-lined me. I did make it out last week and  started the ol girl up and found that cyl 2+3 were not firing. After checking everything out, I found that the coil to those cylinders had gone kaput. So I ordered a used one and put it on last week. Then I attempted to sync the carbs. It's pretty close but not perfect. I noticed that the floats stick occasionally and so now I have to try and deal with that. Overall the bike runs pretty well. I just haven't had the time to do shake down runs. After driving up and down the road a bit, I've come to the conclusion that my idea for the shock mounted seat will need to be changed. There is just to much side to side wiggle. I'm gonna get a few cigars and a six pack and sit down to rethink the set-up. Also, I'm not liking the horseshoe sissy bar and the handlebars that I made. Probably gonna change those two in the future also.So for now, I'm just gonna fiddle with some ideas till I get things sorted out.

I had the chance to buy a 79 Honda 750 but the wife put a major "no fucking way" to that. She said she needs a newer car first. Her Honda only has 194000 miles! Whatever! I think I'll have to hide the next bike at my nephews house till I can convince her that I need another bike! That day will probably come when Hell freezes over or Christ comes back for his people! One way or another I WILL have another bike to tinker with!

So I leave you with some pics of the Back yard Bike Builders meet that I went to in Michigan last month.........