Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guy's Nite!

Jan 27th was the first Guy's Nite this winter at Big Al's Man Cave. We threw darts, drank, played Foosball, drank, ate BBQ wienies, drank, ate peanuts,and drank, smoked some cigars and drank. Bout 2 hours into the nite, I was feeling all tough and chit and I mentioned to Big Al that the BBQ wieners needed spicier hot sauce. So to indulge me, Big Al brought out some hot sauce and put some on a spoon and said "try this". So, not one to back down from a challenge, I tried the spoonful of hot sauce then another. At first, it was warm and went down smooth. About 2 minutes later my eyes were watering, my throat was on fire and I had difficulty breathing. While the fellas all were laughing, I downed a couple more beers as quickly as possible to try and alleviate the pain. About an hour later, the pain went away, I had enough to drink so I went home!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cycle Fest- Columbus Oh 2012

Took my son to the Ohio Cyle Fest on saturday in Columbus. Lots of neat bikes and Kim Coats (Tig) from the Sons Of Anarchy was there for photos and autographs. But I wasn't gonna pay $5 to get my pic taken with him. While the bikes were nice the event was somewhat small in that we toured the whole event in about an hour. So that was $30 in gas, $28 for my entry for two adults, $5 to park = not worth the money. But here are some pics to show I was there......

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Freekin Winter!

Ok...it's the freekin middle of winter here in Ohio. I hate the cold! I hate the snow! I can't ride my bikes. My brain is on overload thinkin about all design ideas I have on the Iron Steed build but my shop is soooo cold and I don't want to run the propane to heat the damn thing because of being in a tight spot financially right now, so I reside to sit here and reminise about last summer. Here's some pics from the 2011 BBB meet in Michigan. Come on warm and sunny weather!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update-Iron Steed

Thanks to Big Al for calling me on the phone and telling me to get my ass in gear and update my blog. I haven't spent a lot of time out in the shop cause it's been pretty cold and I don't want to run the furnace (I'm tight and cheap as hell ...I know). Add to that, life has once again kicked me in the ass with family stuff (wife broke her ankle and foot and my youngest son has caused my hair to almost go completely gray, very long story!) and lack of mulah!
Any how, I did manage to fab the rear fender and horse shoe sissy bar as well as my single shock seat. I'm working on the seat pan and bracing for the foward controls (which I am making the controls myself . I'm not buying bolt on chit).