Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bike Repaint Update #2

Well, after finishing sanding the tins for paint, I sealed the parts with PPG V-Seal. I then laid down a black base using GM 9835. I let that dry for about 20 mins and then applied the PPG Lazer Blue Metallic on top of the black. Immediately after applying the blue, I used large sheets of clean plastic and laid it over the fresh blue paint. I let it sit for about 10 seconds and immediatly pull the plastic off. Doing this, pulls some of the blue metallic off which exposes the black base underneath. After I was happy with the effect, I then over reduced some base color with blue pearl and lightly sprayed over the parts. This adds a hint of blue base and pearl to the black. It's a really cool effect!
After all the colors flashed off. I then used PPG DC3000 clear and applied three heavy coats.
The next day after everything was dry, I used 800 grit on a DA only with microfine 3m gray pads to sand the clear smooth. I then laid out the graphics and airbrushed the silver,white and black into the design. I unmasked the graphics and will re-clear the parts.

Now painted and in the paint booth.

See what I mean!I love the look!
And now all back together.....

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