Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bike Repaint Update

Since I couldn't afford another project bike this winter due to the economy, I decided this would be a good time to repaint the Vulcan 1500. I removed the frt fender, tank, and rear fender. The tank had two small dents in it due to my son who thought he would take it for a ride while I wasn't home and in the process he was forced off the road by a cage and put the bike in a ditch. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt. Anyways, the dents were repaired. The fenders were dent free but I sanded them down with 100 grit then switched to 220 grit then fine scotch brite pad and primed all three parts using an epoxy catalized primer.

Primer time!

After the primer was dry (over night), I then sanded the parts with fine scotch brite pads then switched to super fine pads to get the tins super smooth. Next step will be to seal them and apply the basecoat and clearcoat of the main color which is gonna be a 2008 GM color Lazer Blue!

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