Thursday, September 2, 2010

Escort of the Vietnam Wall

On September 1st 2010 approx 2500-3000 bikers met at the Wapakoneta VFW to support the escorting of the Vietnam Traveling Wall. The turn out for this event was spectacular. Bikes of every make ,model and year. From the hardcore Harley enthusiast to the young dudes on crotch rockets I was taken back the entire time.
To say that I was just a little chocked up would be a fallacy. At one point I stood in awe as the bikes proceeded past Liza and I, as we awaited our turn to join in the procession. I can only imagine what some of the Vietnam Veteran Riders were thinking.
What was more impressive than the bikers who turned out for this event was the people who lined the roadways and streets from Wapakoneta to Sidney. They stood in masses, waving their American flags,giving us the peace sign and giving us riders the "thumbs up"!

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