Monday, September 12, 2011

Kawasaki Build update

Life has beat me down lately so instead of wollering in self pity I decided to keep movin on the 650 build. I received the new main jet holders and after installing them it seemed to do the trick. I can now start it with either the electric start or by kick starting. The motor still idles too high so I'll dig into that later.
This weekend I removed the wiring,lights,pipes and got the bike down to the frame, motor and wheels. Still not real sure the direction the bike is leading me to re-make her.I will have have to sit down again,grab a few beers and smoke some cheap cigars and stare at her for awhile. I may even ask her what she wants. If she actually answers me I'll know I've had a little too much to drink! But then again maybe that's what I need! Here's how th ol girl sits for now.......

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