Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Al's Shadow 1100

My good friend and ridin/beer drinkin/motorcycle nut buddy  Big Al (I call him Tiny cause he's like 6'6") had this 1100 sittin in his garage for the past three years. It was/is is first m/c. Anyways, got to talkin to him bout why this ol girl hasn't been on the road for 3 yrs. While drinkin a few cold ones he tells me that he had taken the bike to Ohio Cycle Workxs in Elida several years back to have the 2nd gear fixed in her (gotta split the cases to do this). When he got the bike back it ran like molasses on a cold winters day. The all wise and knowing gurus at OCW said there wasn't anything wrong with it. Big Al disagreed. To make a long story short, they didn't/wouldn't fix it so Big Al parked it after have some stencling put on the rear fender stating that the bike ran like shit and thanked Ohio Cycle Workx for it.
After some prodding, I told Big Al to bring the ol girl out to my place and him and I would see if we could get her back to runnin like she use to. So, he brought it out this past weekend and we put some fresh gas and a new battery in her and get her fired up. Right away I could tell something was definitely not right. We pulled the carbs and checked the jets and they were all super clean. So I synced the carbs and it ran a little better but not perfect. I told Al that it sounded like the timing was off. The manual says that the timing isn't adjustable and that any issue there would be due to an electrical problem. So were gonna tackle that next but I truly feel that when OCW put the motor back together after splittin the case they probably didn't put the cams back in correctly and I'm thinking that it's off by one tooth on the chain. I hope this isn't the case but if it is we will tear into and try and get her right. I'll post more pics in the future and keep ya all updated on our progress.
Here's a few pics of Al's bike. If ya look though some of my other posts you'll see Big Al's daily rider "PHATAZZ" a Kawasaki 2000cc !


  1. I hate to correct you Dan , but it was Ohio Cycle Workx of Elida rd. Lima,Oh that dicked up the bike.

    Big Al

  2. Sorry Big Al..I knew that. Changes have been made to give credit where credit is due.