Monday, April 18, 2011

Kawasaki update 2

Saturday I grabbed some Miller Highlife and went out to the shop to fiddle with the 650. I recieved the roller bearings (All Balls Racing) for the neck from crc2 and they fit perfect. I then installed the forks and triple trees from the 81 onto the 77, installed the wiring harness and carbs and then began removing some unwanted factory chit. I robbed the battery out of the Vulcan and got the 650 to start, although it was kinda some tuning to do fer sure!
After getting her running, I grabbed some cigars, a few more beers and a comfy old computer chair and began dreaming of the look I wanted for the bike. As a sat and stared, the bike said it wanted to be raked and hardtailed. My ass and back said it needed stretched and monoshocked. I bet the bike will win even though my body will suffer but it's about the bike,not me!

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