Monday, April 11, 2011

Hooter Run

On Sunday the weather was beautiful and we were all itchin to get some seat time so 9 of us met up in Wapakoneta at the truck stop and headed towards Dayton Ohio via the long country way. We arrived at Hooters in Dayton and after ordering a few beers and wings, we got to chattin bout bikes, women and all the stupid shit we had done in our lives. We had a great time, the food was good, the "eye candy" was awesome and the camaraderie was fantastic.

Dayton Ohio Hooters!

Larry's Harley-Gorgous Bike!

Big Al's 2000cc Kawasaki

left to right
Big Al, Tom, Big Al's uncle, John, John's bro, Bro's woman, Larry and his wife

Awesome hot wings!

The Gang!


  1. A good time indeed Sackman ,,,looking forward to many more rides in 2011 brother.

    Big Al

  2. Thanks Tiny! Can hardly wait to get some more miles in with you and the gang!