Monday, October 11, 2010

Hunnert Car Pile Up 2010

Decatur Ill. was the location for the 2010 Hunnert Car Pile Up. L and I set out at 8:30 am on 10-8 to meet up at the Friends Creek Camp Ground with about 10-15 other people from TCU and HC web sites. We was the first to arrive so we had our choice of camp spots (Yep you know we had to pick the best one). Soon after, others started motoring in. Some on m/c's and some trailered in.
We kinda partied at the camp ground friday night after going into Clinton Ill. to the preparty in the square. On saturday, we headed out to the car and bike show. Rods and bikes from all eras' were in attendance.
Afterwards we went to a "private party" in the evening and returned back at the campground for some "adult" beverages. Us older people hit the hay about 1:00 am while the younger crew stayed up till the wee hours of the morning partying.
On Sunday morning, we made the dreaded 6 1/2 hr ride home.
L and I had a great time. Met some really nice (and crazy) people who have a sincere love for riding motorcycles, chattin with people and making friends. There's just nothing like the brotherhood of motorcyclist. I would compare them to our fighting men and women of the US military. Dedicated, loyal, and honest!

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