Thursday, August 19, 2010

Builders Across the Pond

I was surfing one day for examples of custom bikes when I ran across this dude in Ireland. His name is "Ger" and he builds bikes in his garage with some help from some buddies. Ger is a fantasic painter. His work is outstanding and he has an eye for the details in a bike build.
I've chatted with him via emails. He's hopin to win a bike build off in Ireland so he can win a trip to Sturgis next year!
Take a few minutes and check out his site. Shoot him an email letting him know you found a link to his site from my blog and if ya like his work, tell him. Builders need to hear that once in a while. Especially if they want to try and make a living at it. I've added pics from his site so ya can get an idea of his work!
Here's the link......

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  1. I just love the "midlife crisis" bike! Someday I'll have one simular!