Friday, July 9, 2010

Tribute to My Dad

This article is a small tribute to my dad, Michael D. Sackinger 1929-1997.

Dad grew up in an orphanage in New York. He moved to Ohio sometime in his teens where he met my mom. They eventually got married and after doing his stint in WWII, my parents returned to Ohio.

Dad opened his motorcycle shop in the 1950’s in a little shed in his back yard. As business and family grew he moved the family and business into a bigger place.
My uncle contributed to the business and thus S&S Cycle Sales was born.
Dad sold BSA’s, Kawasaki’s and I think Lambreta scooters.

Business was going well as my dad worked in the shop at night and at Teledyne Ohio Steel during the day. Mom worked in the shop during the day to tend to customers needs.
In 1966, my brother David (the oldest child in the family) was killed while riding a motorcycle along the rail road tracks behind our house. Dad and mom was both stunned. Blame, hatrid and sorrow plagued dad for several years. Finally in 1970, mom told dad it was either the business or her and the kids. Dad I’m sure was torn as he had worked so very hard to get established but he knew the toll it had taken on mom and the family so dad shut the doors never to reopen the shop again. He later said it was one of the best decisions he ever made.

Dad retired from Teledyne Ohio Steel and went to work at Ford Engine Plant in Lima. He hated that job. In 1975, dad was hired as the head of maintenance at Apollo Career Center in Lima. In 1992 he retired from there.

Fast-forward a few years. Dad passed away in 1998 suddenly of a massive heart attack.
I was devastated. A flood of emotions poured out from me mainly because my dad and I had a disagreement over something stupid the night before. Any ways, I never got to say goodbye to him. I know he knew I really loved him cause I had told him often. I truly miss him.
There’s a lot more to my dad’s life then what I can jot down here and if ya ever want to know more, bring a case of beer over and we can sit on the patio and I can relate to you how great of a father my dad was.
Just thought I would include some pics of what my dad enjoyed…I hope you like them.

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