Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Donut Ride

Yep, that's right! Six of us got up early on Independence Day 2010 and rode the bikes down to Dayton where we stopped at a little donut shop and had coffee and donuts.
We started in Wapakoneta and took I-75 to Vandalia/ Dayton. Afterwards, we returned via Co Rd 25a. We took a short Detor off 25a onto River rd which is very senic and curvy! River Rd ends in Sidney. We made our way to a drive thru city park in Sidney and stopped to chat and take a leak. I took some pics of the gang that I rode with and one cool bike that belongs to Big Al. He's about 6'6 but he's a big teddy bear until ya piss him off, which I never want to do.
We left the park and headed back on 25a into Wapak where we split and went our seperate ways. I had a blast and the people I rode with were very nice and knew how to ride in a responsible manner!

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