Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fellow Americans, Its Time!

Fellow Americans

We are at a major crossroads here in 2013. The government of the United States of America is NOT working for “the people” or in the citizen’s best interests.
The very people who cannot even balance a budget are slowly manipulating our Constitution and Bill of Rights and yet we entrust them enough to know what’s best for our country? Come on people!
 They have made us a nation, which is laughed at. Other countries burn our flag and we do nothing. Our President apologizes for America’s actions. Our once strong, thriving economy, which was built by entrepreneurs who envisioned the American Dream is now in debt to a foreign nation of communists due to incompetent, self-serving, un-American leadership in Congress and the White house!
Our government taxes us on EVERYTHING. Our income, our homes, our purchases, our inheritance, I could go on and on. They tax us to a point where we, as average middle class citizens, cannot even afford to go on a vacation, or buy a newer vehicle and sometimes many people cannot even pay their utility bills or buy food. This has caused nearly every middle class American to tighten his or her own household budget to the point there is nothing else left to cut out. We have been required to do more with less and all the while the government continues to spend and spend and spend. It’s not a republican issue. It’s not a democrat issue. It’s a mess made possible by everyone in our government that does not stand up and do what is right!
As a nation, it is a requirement for our government to have a balanced budget. Businesses are required by owners and stockholders to have balanced budgets. Non-profit agencies are required to have balanced budgets. Cities and municipalities are required to have balanced budgets. We as citizens have family budgets but yet WE allow our government to get away with drowning Americans in a quagmire of rapidly increasing, uncontrolled spending and debt. Really? Are we really a nation that doesn’t give a shit what our leaders (who we are responsible for electing) are doing and continue to do?  I guess many Americans have forgotten why our forefathers fled English tyranny! Our forefathers gave their lives for freedom from tyranny. Our soldiers throughout history have fought for the same ideals even to this very day, and yet we allow our governing officials to lead us like sheep to the slaughterhouse. It’s time we wake up!!!
It’s time to stand up for our GOD given rights as Americans! It’s time! It’s time to start demanding that our U.S government officials do the right thing. It’s time they are required to:
1)      Stand up for America! It’s People and Principles
2)      Be financially responsible and held accountable with taxpayer’s money.
3)      Balance the U.S Budget. Spend less.
4)      Quit trying to take away our God Given Freedoms and Rights that were established in the U.S Constitution and the “Bill of Rights”
5)      Quit trying to Police the world.
6)      Quit giving the U.S. taxpayer’s money to other countries when America can’t even pay it’s own bills
7)      There should be term limits on all elected officials
8)      They should be required to accept the same health care as everyone else when they are in office. When they leave office they should be treated like every other citizen. No perks!
9)      and if elected government officials don’t do what’s right by the American people then they should be treated as Traitors, for that is what they would be.

Abraham Lincoln  

Lincoln also stated We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
Abraham Lincoln

If the American People don’t do something about it now history will repeat itself.  Just as are forefathers rebelled against tyranny, so should we.

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