Monday, September 17, 2012

Corn Boil Run

Saturday Sept 15th  I met up with some Chop Cult members at The Rice Paddy Compound for the Corn Boil Run. The run was sponsored and paid for by The Old Bike Barn. The Rice Paddy is located in Columbus Ohio and is a Japanese motorcycle enthusiast dream. Parts upon parts, upon parts of old Jap bike related stuff, as well as new parts for the rice bikes of yesteryear. Tom, the owner is also highly knowledgeable when it comes to old Jap Bikes. His counter parts staff also knows their shit. Tom said they U.P.S daily to anywhere in the U.S  If you need used jap parts, look up the Rice Paddy and give them a try. Let Tom know the Sackman sent ya.

We left out of the compound around 1:30pm and rode down to Caesar Creek Campground near Cincinnati. Bear (Barry) the owner of the Old Bike Barn and organizer of the Corn Boil had picked a seclusive spot where we bikers were all by ourselves. After setting up camp, most of the group went for rides in the back country. I stayed at the camp and drank beer and supervised the cooking of the corn (i'm not stupid). 
When the group got back, the ladies (bear's girlfriend, Catherine- Tom's girl, and Carla -Jakes girl) had  the corn and hot dogs done, so we commenced chowin down and trading lies while we ate.
Afterwards, a few of the guys fixed some minor problems with a couple of the bikes and the rest of us sat around the campfire till weeee hours of the morning drinking beer and talkin motorcycles.
In the morning we loaded up and headed back home.
If ya get the chance next year make sure to put this event on your list. The event was free, the food and camping was free so all ya had is the gas to get there and a small donation to help the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. The huge thing I came away with was that EVERYBODY that attended was extremely kind and generous. There was no fighting, arguing or ego trips. They represent what the average biker event is all about- fun, commaraderee and they was there when anybody needed a hand. Bear and his girl were outstanding hosts and went above and beyond what anyone could of imagined. Thanks Bear!

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