Thursday, August 9, 2012


I haven't had much time to fiddle with the Iron Steed bike lately. Family responsibilities along with a lack of motivation has side-lined me. I did make it out last week and  started the ol girl up and found that cyl 2+3 were not firing. After checking everything out, I found that the coil to those cylinders had gone kaput. So I ordered a used one and put it on last week. Then I attempted to sync the carbs. It's pretty close but not perfect. I noticed that the floats stick occasionally and so now I have to try and deal with that. Overall the bike runs pretty well. I just haven't had the time to do shake down runs. After driving up and down the road a bit, I've come to the conclusion that my idea for the shock mounted seat will need to be changed. There is just to much side to side wiggle. I'm gonna get a few cigars and a six pack and sit down to rethink the set-up. Also, I'm not liking the horseshoe sissy bar and the handlebars that I made. Probably gonna change those two in the future also.So for now, I'm just gonna fiddle with some ideas till I get things sorted out.

I had the chance to buy a 79 Honda 750 but the wife put a major "no fucking way" to that. She said she needs a newer car first. Her Honda only has 194000 miles! Whatever! I think I'll have to hide the next bike at my nephews house till I can convince her that I need another bike! That day will probably come when Hell freezes over or Christ comes back for his people! One way or another I WILL have another bike to tinker with!

So I leave you with some pics of the Back yard Bike Builders meet that I went to in Michigan last month.........

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