Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tank Update

I promised ya'll some more tank pics so here ya go...I cut out the bottom of the tank and made a 7"x7"x 2 1/2" square box out of sheet metal. This box will hide the coils underneath. I really hate seeing coils on a custom build. I'll then weld the box to the bottom of the tank and after mounting the fuel outlet, I'll weld the bottom of the tank to the top. Afterwards, I'll cut the opening for the filler and make a custom cap. So far I have about 15 -20 hrs in the actual deconstruction/construction of this tank. I'll probably have another 10-15  hrs getting it to the point where I can start prepping the tank for paint. I'll have to test it before doing any bondo work Let me know what ya'll think......

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