Wednesday, March 2, 2011

49 Indian

The other day, my Nephew and I answered a CL ad for a old 77 Kawasaki motorcycle. We roll up to this really nice place and an older man name name Phil met us at the door to his shop. We entered the shop and started chattin about bikes and Phil mossied over to a bike under a cover. When he pulled the cover off this is what was under it.....

My mouth almost dropped to the floor as I stood almost stunned. Phil said he enjoyed restoring old motorcycles. He does all of his own engine work, painting and assembly. He's a true craftsman.  He has even shipped another old Indian he restored across the pond. Here's a few more pics .....

My newphew did end up buying an old Kawasaki that we had orginally went there to look at. It's kinda rough, but it has some parts he needs to help complete his current chopper build, plus it has a clean title so the leftovers will probably end up at my shop in the future.
After more chattin with Phil, I came to find that he knew of my dads shop that he had back in the 60's.
It was a great day of CL shopping and more importantly, we met a really nice guy name Phil who loves bikes as much as we do!
Hope to see you again real soon Phil!

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